Buying in bulk can be a very effective way to reduce the cost of each item and therefore minimise the overall expense. When it comes to buying gift and Xmas hampers – those that typically do so will often require a large amount for a celebration, or to sell on themselves in the near future.

How big is the money saving potential?

This will usually depend on the amount purchased and any manufacturing costs associated. Most hamper making companies will need to meet their mark-up values in order to get their cash back – and depending on how low this cost might be, the potential to save money can be very substantial. Imagine for a moment that you wanted to buy a selection of gift hampers for a few family members.

If you ordered 5 hampers at the same time, you may find yourself eligible to enjoy a discounted price per basket – knocking a small amount off of the total that you spend. If you wanted to purchase a hamper at $50 AUD for those 5 individuals, then the cost should amount to $250, but with a discount you could end up knocking roughly 5% off of your spend, allowing you to save about $12.50.

The more purchases are made, the bigger the savings can be

Plenty of hamper manufacturers will ensure that they are well stocked for when big orders come in – whether those orders are for a single hamper filled with goodies, or for a multitude of them to be used as gifts for an office party before Christmas. There used to be a risk of buying in bulk that had a lot to do with the prices being so cheap, because the products were going-off or were past their sell-by date.

As the components that go into hampers must all comply with trading legislation (and need to be freshly sourced to abide by these laws), the risks are fairly minimal. What this means is that you could purchase any number of hampers and if your chosen manufacturer doesn’t have all of the components; they should be able to source fresh products from their own suppliers.

As the cost lessens as the number purchased increases, you might find yourself having to pay more initially to purchase the gift baskets themselves. This cost can balance out when you receive a substantial discount for buying at wholesale prices, however. To find out just how much you could save, simply get in touch with a local hamper manufacturer and see which types of discounts they have available for bulk orders.