Most hair & beauty salons will employ at least one highly trained cosmetic therapist that specialises within a particular field or niche. When it comes to keeping a face as fresh and youthful as possible, there are a few particular services that might spring to mind. Facials, serums and plucking are usually at the top of the list, but when it comes to enhancing facial features, what other solutions are there and what do they involve?

Eyelash tinting

There’s no more effective way to make eye contact than with a set of eyelashes that take care of most of the talking. The majority of beauty therapy centres will offer eyelash tinting features and as the individual lashes can be darkened, it’s easy to achieve a smoky, stylish look to the eye area that would only be achievable otherwise with the consistent use of mascara.

Eyelash extensions

The eyes are quite a prominent feature of the face and so it’s not uncommon for several services in a beauty salon to be tailored to address these features. As this service’s name might suggest, eyelash extensions can be attached to regular eyelashes to provide a lengthier, more sensual look to the eyes. Some can be stuck in place for a few hours, while others use advanced adhesive to maintain their appearance for weeks on end.


Most salons will offer exfoliation services; but only a few will make use of the latest ingredients and formulas to hit the market. These modern formulas include the use of snail slime – a protein rich formula that can reinvigorate the skin and replenish skin cells. There are certain treatments that can remove dead skin cells and exfoliation is at the forefront of them.

These services are available at most cosmetic clinics and when practiced by an expert therapist, the results can be astounding. Throw in the fact that these common services are also affordable and can be undertaken in the space of an hour or two – they offer even better results than many over the counter options that people are starting to invest in.