haircutVisiting a local hairdressing salon is a lot like driving in a car. You’ll be expected to sit still for anywhere between thirty minutes and a few hours, with the only form of entertainment being the radio, or conversations between the passengers. Most salons will aspire to be as friendly as they are comfortable, and although the majority of practicing hair stylists will try their best to remain conversable at all times – there can be periods where you might want to sit back and relax while you receive a hair therapy.

In these instances, you will undoubtedly appreciate the presence of music. Background music for hairdressers can make a huge difference to a person’s experience; the more thought that goes into the playlist, the more enjoyable the results can be. Depending on the type of premises in question, the style of music might differ, but what genres can be expected exactly?

The latest hits

Chart toppers and up to date tracks can be a great way to introduce a modern atmosphere to a hair salon. The great thing about this type of music is that it can be as versatile as the current market allows. With songs from a variety of musicians topping the charts, no two styles need be the same; in fact there are even music playlist providers that allow their users to create tracks from a variety of sources to really vary the potential.


Some salons prefer to remain as authentic as possible and these are the ones that will typically feature classical songs from the 80s and 90s. The great thing about this type of music is that it can appeal to customers of a certain age – making it ideal for salons that cater to people that would have grown up at specific periods of time.

Relaxing alternatives

Some hair salons specialise in relaxing therapies, so what better way to promote relaxation than by creating a comfortable atmosphere? There are literally hundreds of tracks to choose from, with some that relate to the relaxing sounds of waves, all the way to those that focus on more ambient tunes that can captivate and relax in equal measure.